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The Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform

Oil Seed ExtruderExtrusion                                                                                      

The Multi Functional Rural Fuel Platform (MFRFP) includes a mechanical oil seed extruder and vegetable oil filter.

The extruder is used for crushing vegetable oil seeds like soy and canola, creating a valuable meal cake and vegetable oil.

The filter cleans the vegetable oil extracted, making it suitable for human consumption or useful as a fuel.

Why use an Extruder?                                                              Photo courtesy of Insta-Pro

We use an extrusion technique because it produces the highest yield without the need for aggressive chemicals like Hexane and the oil produced is ready for human consumption without the need for further refining. The extrusion process also creates a valuable, protein rich meal cake that is suitable for consumption by humans and animals. The ability of the extruder process to cook the product, gelatinize starch, deactivate anti-nutritional factors and reduce microbial loads purely by heat of friction has contributed to the popularity of extruders.

How does the Extrusion process work?

A dry extruder, which consists of a screw rotating inside a barrel. The oil seeds are first cleaned and cracked into pieces, dehulling is not necessary. The seeds are fed into the extruder's hopper and conveyed through the extruder.

The seeds are at room temperature when they go into the extruder but leave at about 280 degrees F after residing in the extruder for about 25 seconds. Upon leaving the extruder, the hot oil seeds are conveyed into an expeller, which is screw press that squeezes the oil from the seeds.  

Insta Pro Extruder Cut Away Products                                                                               Photo courtesy of Insta-Pro

The products of the extrusion process are meal cake and crude vegetable oil. The meal can be used as an ingredient in foods as soy for example, contains about 45% protein. The extrusion process destroys the anti-nutrient factors in the meal cake and improves the nutritional quality of the vegetable oil. The vegetable oil can be used as food, a fuel and feedstock for many other useful products like soap.

Meal Cake

The protein meal cake left over from the extrusion process can be used to extend the local populationís diet, increasing the protein levels in their food.

This meal cake is a great supplemental animal feed when livestock cannot find sufficient forage around the area.

Vegetable Oil

The vegetable oil produced by the MFRFP can be used as fuel for the MFRFP's diesel engine. Using a locally produced fuel ensures there is no need to import fuel into the community. Rural communities can therefore use the MFRFP to energize their lives without needing to spend all their income importing fuel to provide that energy.

The vegetable oil has many other valuable uses, such as a dietary supplement, feedstock for soap manufacture and cooking oil.

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